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Writer's Block: Get It to Go

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What's your favorite thing to order for takeout (or takeaway)?
Paneer Makhani  from Bombay Dhaba

Rude people

blue bear
If there is one thing I really really REALLY cannot stand it is rude people. Specifically, people who are rude to me when I call through relay.

First, there's the fact that the number I am calling is American and I'm in Australia. So I'm up all night trying constantly to make a call go through. It's now nearly 4 am and I JUST managed to get through at last. I have two numbers for the place - both I keep getting the machine. It's a BUSINESS!!! And I'm calling during their business hours! Do people not answer the fricking phone anymore? And no, I'm not leaving a damned message because I'm not gonna get a call back (I'm calling via internet relay which is one way calling only).

Then there's the fact that the machine on one of the numbers suddently started saying "Thank you for calling," then hanging up. WTF. I suspect it was a man who then tried to switch over to machine once they heard the relay spiel and the relay operator suspects the same.

Then I FINALLY get through to a real live person - hallelujah! But my happiness was shortlived and squashed flat into nothingness by the man's outright rudeness.

The first thing he said to me was to "hurry up."

SERIOUSLY???? Ummmm, is that how you greet customers?

At this point, I'm still calm. I'm thinking to myself, it's the relay issue and he might think I'm not a customer and am some kind of telemarketer wasting his time. So, I assure him that I'm a customer and inform him that I'm calling about an order I placed.

So he asks for my order number ....

Now I had the order number all ready, but damned if I could find it. Gimme a break. I've been calling since 11 pm (9 am their time) and it's now 4 am (2 pm for him). With all the frustration I was feeling from trying to get information, frankly I think he could be patient for 5 seconds while I opened my email again and retrieved it.

But nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

He had the nerve to tell me to call him back. OH HELL NO. It took me this long. No way was I hanging up and starting the damn process all over again. This wouldn't even be an issue if he had just answered my emails instead. Hell, it wouldn't have been an issue had he given me the CORRECT information in his first email confirming my order.

Just when I am about to give him the number he tells me to give him my name or the order number because he can't wait, he can't spend the whole day doing this (his words!).

OMG ... how does this man have any business? Does he treat everyone like this or is it just me and am I paranoid for thinking it's because I'm deaf and called through relay. Would he have been more polite had I been hearing? What's more, it's not gonna take all day!!! It took 5 fricking seconds. Exaggerate much??

So I give him the name and the order number.

And he tells me it takes 7 to 10 days to complete. So I ask him why in my email from HIM, he told me 72 hours for that particular order. He said nothing about it being custom or being prescription or anything else. He said, 72 hours for my order and then he'd let me know when it shipped and the shipping number. And he proceeded to treat me like a moron because apparentally on the website it says 7 to 10 days.

Now, I read that on the website. It's in the FAQ section. HOWEVER, why write to me in an email that it'd be 72 hours? I think my confusion over the shipping/process time is valid and I'm justified in calling to get clarification.

Then I ask what the current status is ... it's shipping on Monday but I'll believe that when I see it ... and I oh so politely thank him for the information. Then I proceed to give him a little lecture about how he really didn't need to be rude to me. I effing paid them $300 dollars. Service is a part of a business!

Figures, the operator told me the line went dead - he didn't hang up on me but he was no longer on the line.


Of course ... in my emails I see that he's finally answered my query and has sent me 3 emails, all stating the same thing. What an ASS!

See - Deaf people like music too . . .

crayons, black sheep
Yay to Apple for recognizing ASL!


Mary Poppins - Scary Mary

crayons, black sheep

Mary Poppins trailer by Chris Rule & Nick Eckert . . .


The William Tell "Mom says" story

crayons, black sheep
Check it out! This is hilarious! It's sung by Anita Renfro to the William Tell Overture, all the things a mother might say from morning to night. And interpreted by Tina Perry who does an awesome job!


Just something very interesting

blue bear
Today I was informed of something that I never thought about before ... never even considered that such a thing was possible. And of course, me being me, I had to research it and find pictures and all that. In my course of research, I came across this article from Esquire. I rather like the woman's outlook and humorous view of her condition.



More Keith Wann - for Marie

crayons, black sheep
"I Like Big Buts"


crayons, black sheep
Know how I'm always saying that deaf drivers are WAY better/safer than hearing drivers ... well, maybe that's not so true after all. *wink wink*

Ice Ice Baby

crayons, black sheep
Okay. Yes I know - Ice Ice Baby is a crap song. Yes, I actually listened to it (and amazedly memorized it and was able to follow along with it - no easy feat ... there is a reason I don't often listen to this kind of music after all) and yes it is probably embarrasing of me to admit such a thing. But there is a point here, I promise ... This video is so funny. It's of Keith Wann, a sign-language performer (and a CODA) showing the difference of using SEE and ASL and why ASL is soooooooooo much better ... it's done to the song Ice Ice Baby. Check it out!


See What I'm Saying

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